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Name:FanFiction for NBC's Chuck
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:post your Chuck fanfic here
** This is not an official version or mirror of any LJ community.

This is the place for Dreamwidth users to post their Chuck fanfiction! That means drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, works-in-progress, and epics - gen, het, slash, femslash - fic that features any of the characters or is set in the same world.

Please follow these guidelines:

1. No flaming or trolling. Offenders will be banned.

2. Please don't import works here that you have already posted/archived elsewhere (for example, on a LiveJournal community). However, since we're all interested in more Chuck fanfic, you're more than welcome to post an introduction to yourself, including links to where we might find your Chuck fic. (Simultaneous posting is fine.)

3. Nothing but Chuck fic, Chuck fic recs, and meta-about-Chuck-fic should be posted here. No icons, graphics, discussion posts, etc.

4. Crossovers and Chuck RPF are welcome.

5. Higher ratings (R-NC17) and explicit material should be linked outside the comm - to your writing journal, for example.

6. Warn for potentially offensive material - including explicit sex, character death, non-con/rape, etc. You know the drill.

7. Tag your entries appropriately. We have tags for character, pairing, genre, length, and rating. Please tag all that apply. However, don't go overboard. If your fic is a sprawling epic, choose a minimum of tags to best represent it, especially when it comes to featured characters. "Length" works like this: drabble (100-299 words); ficlet (300-999 words); oneshot (1000+ words), and multipart for multichaptered works.

8. Use the following header for your fics and recommendations (approximations are fine, as long as you include the same information):

for posting your fanfic:

a handy texty-box that you can copypasta:
for posting recommendations:
Why You Should Read It:

texty-box, copypasta, etc:

If you're posting a chapter of a work-in-progress, be sure to provide a link to where readers can find previous chapters.


If you have questions, please PM your mod, [personal profile] origamiflowers.
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